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Here at Busty Budz we’re committed to cultivating quality sun grown cannabis. Grown right in the heart of the Columbia Basin with love and appreciation for this amazing plant. Here is our Pesticide Disclosure for Sun Grown 2021 crop: Pesticide Disclosure: Outdoor Grow 2021, grown in Pro Mix HP, then planted outdoor in the ground. Clones are taken in rootplugs conditioned with Hydrodynamics Clonex Solution and reverse osmosis water. Cuttings are dipped in Clonex gel. Fertilizer used: Nachurs Rhyzo-LINK, Fortified 12-9-6, Nitrogen 32-0-0, NDemand, 0-0-24 Potassium Acetate, and Organic Black Strap Molasses. Pesticides Applied via spray: Greenhouse summer crop application as well IPM: Ladybugs, predatory mites, green lacewings and praying mantis are also periodically released to maintain the balance. Gnatrol WDG: * Applied via soil drench. a biological larvicide, used to control fungus gnats. EPA #73049-56 Biologics ScanMask Beneficial Nematodes *applied via soil drench. Scanmask contains microscopic Steinernema feltiae beneficial nematodes, a type of native and naturally occurring insect parasitic nematode. The nematodes in Scanmask seek out pest insects, enter their bodies and release a symbiotic bacteria that kills the pest but is completely safe for people, pets, plants. BioLogic’s nematodes have not been modified in any way and are supplied in a moist inert carrier. M-Pede: Contact Insecticide, Miticide, Fungicide, for control of soft-body insects and powdery mildew EPA#10163-324 Aza-Direct: Azadirachtin-based Botanical, antifeedant, repellant for use on greenhouse and outdoor crops EPA#71908-1- 10163 Oxidate: (Hydrogen Dioxide 27.1%, Peroxyacetic Acid 2%) Broad spectrum bactericide/fungicide EPA#70299-12 Flying Skull Nuke’Em: Insecticide/Fungicide with active ingredient of citric acid EPA# 997940-17001 Epsom Salt: Insecticide/Fungicide (magnesium sulfate) Thyme Guard: Virucide, insecticide, fungicide and bactericide. Broad spectrum, contact and systemic liquid for use in all crops. EPA# 997700-15001 PFR-97: Isaria fumosorosea, the active component in PFR-97® 20% WDG, is an entomopathogenic fungus found in infected and dead insects as well as in some soils. Isaria fumosorosea infects many insect and mite pests that occur on foliage and other above-ground plants, as well as many soil-dwelling pests. EPA# 70051-19 Pyganic (5.0%): Broad spectrum botanical pyrethrum to control insects on contact. EPA#1021-1771